New Build


Are you looking build a home? We can help! Our streamlined process of communication takes the stress out of this exciting time allowing you to sit back and feed us your dreams and ideas to turn into reality.
Our team will guide you through the details from site surveying, council approvals, selecting finishes and products to be included all the way to handing over your beautiful new home built by Hayward Developments. (also check out our ‘I’m thinking of building’ flow chart for more detail)

Demolition & Rebuilds

Out with the old in with the new? Starting from scratch can often make it easier to get exactly what you want. While many areas of Brisbane are covered by Character Zoning. Those that are not may be able to be knock down and rebuilt to your exact specifications. Hayward Developments can assist you in the knockdown and rebuild of your entire project, from saying goodbye to the current house to handing over your beautiful new home and everything in between.

Sloping Blocks

Did someone say ‘excavation’!? Living in Brisbane some of the most beautiful parts of our city revolve around the rolling hills, these can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Hayward Developments have had plenty of experience dealing with blocks sloping every way you can imagine. By cutting the block exactly as needed we can achieve your dream home, whether that means building it up or excavating to remove what we don’t need.

Small lot homes

Are you pushed for space or have a tricky area you are trying to create? We specialize in navigating around tight spaces, including homes built on small and narrow lots. Brisbane is blessed with winding hills and valleys and at times blocks are challenging to navigate around. Whether you have tricky spaces or design issues we can help you think outside the box. We are inspired by the challenges that make the difficult, great.

Architectural designed homes

We love pushing boundaries and reaching cutting edge design peaks. Building an architecturally designed home is a wonderful process that will reward you each and every time you arrive home. Creating features that add your own unique style and flare is vitally important for a achieving a design you’ll be proud of for years to come. We can work with your chosen architect to ensure your space will come alive exactly as you’d imagined.
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