Soil Testing – The First Step

When embarking on a building or renovating project the question most clients ask is, “What is a soil test, what’s involved and why do I need one?”. We like to think of it as the first step from which everything else flows on.  We supply the information required by your builder, design engineer, certified or anyone else involved in your project.  We believe if you get the soil test right, then it eliminates any future issues such as movement or cracking in your home.

APOD Soil Testing

The two major things we test for are reactivity of soils and bearing capacity.  This enables the engineer to design the correct footings based on our findings. We believe the soil test is the most important part of your building process. If it’s wrong then your engineer will get it wrong, so don’t skimp on this step – it may save you a lot of heartache in the years to come.

Patrice Le Pla